Camp Furniture

  • Accommodation Furniture
  • Kitchen & Kitchenette Furniture
  • Desk & Office Furniture
  • Seating and Reception Furniture

Lifecycle & design:

  • Bespoke design with 2D & 3D imaging for client approval
  • Materials to suit brand & aesthetic requirements
  • Experienced project managers & on-site teams
  • Established supply chain for Fixtures and Fittings

Kitchen & Catering Equipment

We specialize in the supply, support, and lifecycle maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment. We are the official distributors for Karelli Cooling and Industrial Kitchen Ltd. Co.

Laundry Equipment

We are the official distributors for Tolon.


  • Free Standing
  • G-force 360G
  • Drum Volume : 101L
  • Capacity : 10kg Dry Load
  • Heating: Electric, Steam, hot water
  • Ceramic coated shaft for longer life and less friction of the steels.
  • Flexible Programmable control with 16 standard programs (Max 99)


  • Free Standing
  • Digital Control
  • Drum Volume : 330L
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Capacity : 16kg Drying Capacity
  • Heating: Electric, Steam, or Gas Heating System
  • Fast unloading & Easy
  • Use In Tight Spaces With Sliding Door